High Impact Investments

Caruso Ventures directly invests in tech-enabled companies that are led by highly effective CEOs. We use our deep scaleup expertise to help CEOs achieve their aspirations.

Companies that are in the “early revenue ramp” stage are our sweet spot, though our investments range from seed to crossover. We sometimes lead but usually follow. Most of our investments are Colorado headquartered or are Endeavor Global companies.

Our target annual investment is ~$25M, with a check size of ~$1.5M and a target per-company investment of $2 – 4M. 

Caruso Ventures often sets up Special Purpose Vehicles (“SPV”) for our investments. If you are a friend of Caruso Ventures or Dan, and are interested in participating in Caruso Ventures’ SPV structure, please reach out to Dan or Danielle to learn about available opportunities.