High-Impact Investments 

We Focus on Seismic Trends, Scaleup Leaders, and Compelling Relationships

Private Funds

Caruso Ventures develops compelling relationships with top-tier private investors, and leverages Dan Caruso’s network and expertise to assist general partners.

Summary of Compelling Relationships

  • Ten funds managed by six legacy Zayo investors
  • Specialized funds that focus on deep tech, blockchain, cyber, real estate technology and bold new ideas
  • Two fintech-focused funds, each led by highly successful industry veterans
  • Four health tech funds, including a life sciences and a health tech VC; and hedge funds focused on biotech and healthcare
  • Two high-impact funds: one focused on growth tech, and the other on global scaleups (Endeavor Catalyst)
  • A hybrid merchant bank that is a financial partner to family and closely held businesses
  • A wide range of Tiger Cub funds
  • A premier quant algorithmic trader
  • Three investors that focus on liquidity solutions and special situations, particularly associated with the tech ecosystem

Direct Investments

Direct investments, though a modest focus of today’s portfolio, will become a higher concentration over time. Most future investments have a connection to our purpose and will leverage our compelling relationships. Future investments will center on companies and projects which include our strategic engagement.

Featured Relationships

Colorado Relationships