Social and Political Initiatives 

We Occasionally Support Initiatives that Promote Responsible Governance and Bipartisanship

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2020 initiative that allowed the citizens of Boulder to directly elect the mayor using ranked-choice voting (RCV).

2020 initiative that advocated for Boulder and Xcel Energy to move towards decarbonization and climate change control initiatives.

2020 ballot initiative that prevented cuts to critical services and spared small businesses from a greater property tax burden by repealing the nearly 40-year-old Gallagher Amendment in Colorado.

2018 effort that changed the way Colorado draws and approves district lines for politicians to end the practice of drawing district lines to purposefully help one party over another, known as gerrymandering.

2017 effort to encourage broader participation from Boulder residents in city elections in hopes of attracting greater diversity of viewpoints.

A nonpartisan organization created to increase voter access, engagement, and participation in Colorado elections in 2016.